Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Today I thought I would talk about about the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. I have had this palette for around 7 months now and I think it’s so versatile that it should be in all of your make up bags! So I thought I would give you some details. This palette can be picked up from Urban Decay and other department stores and online beauty shops for £38.50. I think that is a pretty reasonable price for a palette of this size and from such a good brand like Urban Decay.

So let’s go straight in and first of all take a look at the packaging.So as you can see it comes in a lovely light box to protect the case. The box has some details about the shades on the back and the fact you get an added bonus of an Urban Decay Naked Basics Double-Ended Brush with the palette too (yay!). When you take the palette out of the box though, wow! You’re hit with some beauty right there. It has such an appealing sleek and elegant design, it’s just so beautiful I wanted to show it to everyone (and I pretty much did via Instagram😇)! The case is also very sturdy and practical and has a good sized mirror on the inside which is always a bonus for any kind of palette.

Also in the box is a nice little folded piece of card with some tips and smoky looks for you to follow if you’re not quite sure where to start. There’s 4 looks which can be followed exactly, or you can just use them for some guidance if you need some inspiration. They take you through step by step on each different smoky eye and they’re actually really good as I’ve tried a few myself. I think this is a real bonus when it comes to eyeshadow palettes, as sometimes they can be a little overwhelming. The tips are also a really nice added touch too because they help you know what to wear with your smoky eye to really create the best look, they talk about eyelid primer, bold lashes and a good lipstick to match whatever look you’re going for which I totally agree with!











Next up I’ve done some swatches for you all so you can see what the shades look like on skin rather than just in the pan! (I love swatches!)
 As you can see there are 12 shades in total (although the last one is hard to see because it’s just a tiny bit lighter than the colour of my skin) and I’ve done them in order from Left to Right of the palette. They’re all different shades of nudes, silvers and browns with one black shade and they all vary from matte to shimmer. In order they are: High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Amor, Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust and Thirteen. Now all of these shades are so pigmented! On all of the swatches I only needed to use one or two light swipes of my brush in the pan. They’re so easily blendable, super long lasting and all work so well together it’s like a dream come true, seriously. What I will say though is that I was a little surprised when I tried the shade Smolder because it does look a kind of purpley shade in the pan and Urban Decay describe it as a ‘deep-plum taupe’ but it actually looks like another silver/grey shade on me.

Overall, like I said earlier this palette is super versatile and can create a variety of different smoky looks from everyday to night out on the town, and with some added inspiration too! I highly recommend this product and I think I’ll be making some more palette purchases and other purchases from Urban Decay very soon. I hope you guys have enjoyed my review!

Let me know if there’s any extra details you want to know about this palette and how you get on if you try it! X



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