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Mac Lipstick Collection

Who doesn’t love Mac lipsticks right? They come in so many gorgeous colours and finishes and they just look so good from the packaging and shape to the actual lipstick itself! I currently have 5 Mac lipsticks, 3 matte, 1 satin and 1 lustre. You can get them directly from the Mac website or you can also get them from places like House of Fraser and Debenhams. They cost £15.50 each which I think is an okay price for such a high quality product! They’re all super comfortable to wear in my opinion no matter what finish you pick. I would definitely recommend either swatching them yourself at a Mac counter or looking at some swatches online before you pick your shade as some shades can look very similar when you’re just looking at the lipstick in the packaging, but when you try them they can be very different. From left to right we have;

  • Velvet Teddy
  • Mehr
  • Please Me
  • Plumful
  • Rebel




The first Mac lipstick I ever bought was of course Velvet Teddy. This lipstick is a matte finish but I wouldn’t say it is drying at all. Whenever I wear a matte lipstick I always use a lip scrub first and then a lip balm (which I let my lips soak up a bit before I dab the excess off) before applying my matte lipstick. This helps the lipstick not show any patchy bits on the lips and gives it a smooth finish. So anyway, back to Velvet Teddy, it’s a beautiful nude beige shade which is exactly what it is decribed as on the Mac website. This lipstick is also very long wearing but obviously it does fade when you’re eating! This shade is perfect for everyday or if you’re just looking for a little bit of colour to add to the lips to finish off your look. I like to pair this colour with my Mac lip pencil in the shade ‘Whirl’. Pairing these kind of lipsticks with lip pencils I always think adds to the longevity of the lipstick and helps it not bleed out and smudge everywhere. Also Mac lip pencils are the bomb.

Next up is Merh. This is my most recent purchase to add to my collection and its another matte shade. I just think that most of the nicest shades come in a matte finish? This colour is described as ‘Dirty blue pink’ on Mac’s website. I would say that this colour is very unique. It’s a lovely pink, slightly on the darker side with a hint brown to it. I think this is an all-rounder shade, very versatile and goes with a lot of makeup looks. I have swatched it on its own and next to Velvet teddy.


Mac Please Me. This is another one of my newer shades and again, another matte too! I was looking for a lighter, softer pink when I bought this lipstick which is exactly what I ended up with. I didn’t want it to be too barbie pink though, which I don’t think it is. I was torn between this shade and ‘Pink Plaid’ (which I still think I’m gunna get, because why not?). But I’m still very happy with this shade. It’s another everyday kind of shade and I also like to pair this with my lip pencil in ‘Whirl’.


Now the next shade is Plumful, and what a beautiful shade it is. This is my only lustre lipstick but I don’t know why because I love the finish and how it feels on the lips. The formula is so smooth and creamy it’s so comfortable to wear. This is described as ‘blossoming rose-plum’ on Mac’s website and I definitely agree once again. In my opinion this is a more statement shade for me but I still sometimes wear it throughout the day but usually on a night time and for a night out. It’s just such a gorgeous shade, I think it’s my favourite out of the 5 actually. I pair this lipstick with my Mac lip pencil in the shade ‘Nightingale’ it’s the perfect match and was recommended to me by a lovely Mac employee.


Finally my last Mac lipstick is in the shade Rebel. This is a Satin shade and is also so comfortable to wear. It’s very much a statement shade and I don’t think I could ever wear this throughout the day, definitely a night time shade for me because it’s very bold and dark, but gorgeous non the less. It’s another creamy plum shade but darker than Plumful and a hint more purple. I wear this with my lip pencil in ‘Nightingale’. The only thing with Rebel is that compared to all the other shades I have, it does stain your lips because of how dark it is. This definitely makes it harder to take off, but still worth it!

Which Mac lipsticks do you guys have? Do you have any recommended lipstick and lip pencil combos? Let me know your thoughts in the comments as always X


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