The Problem: Damaged Hair

So today I’m going to be introducing you to a new series coming to my blog! Not only is it about damaged hair, it’s about how to treat it as I know there will be a lot of you ladies out there that are trying every product you can get your hands on and nothing is working, I’ve been there!I myself have quite thin hair and it’s easily damaged (not quite so much anymore though!). I used to have beautifully thick curly hair full of life and volume and it’s slowly but surely making its way back to how it used to be! I’m also, like most girls lusting for longer locks so some of these products will also help with growth too.So I thought I would share with you guys some of the products that have helped my hair on its journey back to thicker, longer and less damaged.Every couple of weeks I will be doing a post on either a set of products or just one or two products I have tried and loved and well I got on with them and how well they worked for different things, this could vary from shampoos & conditioners to hair treatments, leave in conditioners and anything else I’ve had my hands on! If any of you are like me and have damaged hair and didn’t have before, I would love to hear your stories of how it got to that point for you and any products you’ve found a hit or miss!For me I had a crazy moment and decided I wanted it purple! I actually loved it but it faded so easily I was dying it too much. Then after I got bored of that and wanted my natural colour back, I used something called Hair B4 which was supposed to strip your hair of the colour and take it back to your natural colour without the damage of bleaching it…. Well what a lie that was! (Don’t do it ladies!) My hair ended up going ginger (which I actually loved) but it also felt like straw and it had changed into an awful condition! I then started dying my hair ginger because I hadn’t learnt my lesson…. Until I got bored of that and got it dyed a brown colour close to my natural colour and I then let it grow out naturally (it took about 3 years for it to be completely back to normal!) so I went through a lot of suffering! The 3 pictures to the left down below are when my hair was at its worst (and my eyebrows apparently..) and then on the right is my hair now!

So keep an eye out for updates, i’ll be back soon with my first set of products!



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