The Problem: Damaged Hair Part 2

If you didn’t catch my introduction and part 1 of ‘The Problem: Damaged Hair’ then you can quickly go give them a read first before you carry on if you like just to catch up!

So in part 2 I’m going to be talking about the Lee Stafford ‘Hair Growth’ range. After having damaged hair, whether it be too dry or always splitting at the ends it’s so difficult to get it to grow past a certain length for some people – including me! Well this hair growth range is made exactly for that!

“Each product in this five piece regime contains PRO-GROWTH™ complex to help strengthen your hair from within. This is a protein based complex to fertilise your follicles, creating a healthy environment on the scalp to help your hair grow faster and reach it’s maximum potential length.” – Lee Stafford

Included in the range are 5 products;

  • Hair Growth Shampoo
  • Hair Growth Conditioner
  • Hair Growth Treatment
  • Hair Growth Scalp Serum
  • Hair Growth Leave In Treatment

I have tried every product in the range except the treatment, as I just find it quite hard to get into a routine of using one that you have to wash off. Like I would have to get out the shower and then get back in again later? That’s just not for me unless I have a long bath then I sometimes use them then so I can wash it off before I get out. But those kind of thick treatments aren’t the best for fine hair anyway I don’t think.

So for about 3 months at least if not longer I was using the Hair Growth shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment and I was washing my hair with them every other day. There’s always a deal on in Boots which is usually 3 for 2 or 3 for £15, pretty reasonable for 3 hair products like this.

I did find that with the shampoo, compared to other shampoos I have used, you need a slightly larger amount to get the shampoo to lather well on the scalp but other than that it’s perfectly fine. The conditioner is lovely and creamy but you do have to give the bottle a good shake to get it to come out, a little in-shower workout! The leave in treatment I used to spray on my hair after combing and before blow drying so it’s kind of like a heat protector at the same time which I love.

I have to say it is the first range of products in a long time that I have used (I have used sooo many) that I’ve felt really have worked. Not only does it help your hair to grow a bit longer – I mean we’re not talking ridiculous amounts, but it really does help to strengthen the hair from the roots as well. It helped my hair so much to get it back on track after being so limp, lifeless, dry and damaged!

So when Lee recently came out with the new Scalp Serum I had to give that a try too! I suffer with especially fine hair at the root near the front of my scalp and the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment really helped with that but it’s still not as good as I need it to be. I literally hate it, it’s the worst part of my head. So I’m hoping that this will help even more – it’s still early days!

Basically the lid of the Serum is the top of a pipette, so when you unscrew it, you give is a squeeze to get the Serum inside and then you apply 2 pipettes to the Scalp, massage in, comb through and then carry on. I usually use mine after I’ve washed it and before blow drying which works fine for me. It’s supposed to create the best environment for the Scalp for your hair to grow which is just what I need, but like I said it’s still early days so I can’t give a full review as of yet!

But overall I definitely recommend this range of products for anyone like me who always dreams of having longer hair but also for those who are looking to strengthen their hair whether it be fine, damaged or both! They’re definitely worth the try, and anyway – the bottles are a gorgeous deep bright pink colour! So why not, right?


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