Everyday Drugstore Makeup Look

I’m all for buying high end makeup but for every day at work I usually like to wear drugstore products for a quick, simple natural look to help my high end products last longer and feel more luxurious when I do wear them. So I thought I would share with you what I’ve been reaching for the most lately!


Primer & Foundation

Lately I have been loving using my L’Oréal infallible primer and foundation. They seem to be the perfect combo for full coverage that’s long lasting which is what life is about! I have the foundation in the shade vanilla and it matches my skin so perfectly I love it. It’s so great at covering blemishes too even before concealer.


Eyebrows & Eyeliner

After I’ve applied my primer and foundation I like to fill in my brows and add some liner to my lower waterline. I love the no7 brow pencil in the shade brown as it’s a 2-in-1 with a retractable pencil on one end and has a brow brush on the other end, it’s also the perfect colour and really easy to use. I’ve just recently picked up a new eyeliner too which is the Soap & Glory black smoulder kohl liner, I’m still not sure on how I feel about this but I’m always on the hunt for a pencil eyeliner that doesn’t smudge, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!


Concealer & Powder

Next up we have concealer which I actually switch up all the time as I have a few which I really like now. My go-to drugstore concealer though has to be the collection lasting perfection concealer in the lightest shade. The name tells the truth as it’s definitely lasting and also blends really nicely into my foundation with my beautyblender without any creases in sight! You do have to work quickly with this concealer though as it does tend to dry down quite quickly. On to powder, I recently picked up this Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel London and I have literally used it everyday since. It’s so good at helping my makeup stay in place throughout the day and give it that lovely matte finish. It also helps to keep my oily T-zone at bay for a couple more hours than usual which is always a bonus.


Blush & Lipstick

Now we have two pretty recent purchases of mine that I’ve really been loving! You might have caught them on my Instagram but I picked up a couple of Makeup Revolution blushes for £1 each and they’re so so good! I picked up the shades Love and Now but Love is definitely my favourite of the two. It’s a beautiful subtle rose shade that just adds the perfect colour to your cheeks for a natural glow and for £1 it’s perfect for everyday. I also recently picked up a Rimmel London lipstick from the Kate Moss Nude Collection in the shade 45 which is creamy but matte and just such a lovely nude that’s nice and comfortable to wear all day. I mentioned this in a previous post of mine The Nude Lipstick Edit too.


Setting Spray

Along with the beautiful £1 blushes from Makeup Revolution I also picked up this Oil Control Setting Spray for £5. I usually swear by my Urban Decay All Nighter, but this Makeup Revolution one is actually so good for everyday. It does have a strange smell which is kind of like glue when you first spray it but luckily it doesn’t last! It keeps my makeup in place really well so I like to save my UD setting spray for the weekends and when I’m actually going somewhere other than work.

The Finished Look


Those are the products I use the most for a quick, simple, natural look for everyday at work. I sometimes wear bronzer and highlighter too but I don’t wear it everyday which is why I didn’t include it!

What are your favourite drugstore products for everyday?

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  1. June 22, 2017 / 1:53 am

    I’ve never seen the L’Oréal infallible primer! Looks interesting since I love that foundation!

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:08 pm

      I’ve never tried the foundation without the primer but I love them together and the primer on its own if I just want to wear a bit of concealer! x

  2. June 22, 2017 / 9:59 am

    Loved this post Ellie! I can’t believe those blushes are only £1! I’m definitely going to pick one (or a few) of those up! Also i’m in love with that lip colour so might just have to try that too 🙂 xx

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:09 pm

      Aw thank you lovely! I still can’t believe it either they’re so nice! And the lip colour is so lovely for everyday! Xx

  3. June 22, 2017 / 9:42 pm

    All of these products are right up my street! As you know the foundation is my favourite all-round base, it’s so long lasting! I agree with the concealer drying quickly but I’ve found applying it straight to the sponge rather than face really helps. I wish I could do a simple makeup look like this for work though, I get too carried away with products!! xx

    Cally | xcallyloves.blogspot.co.uk

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:11 pm

      It’s so good isn’t it! I’m so glad you raved about it so I bought it because I’m in love now! Oh yeah I forgot you mentioned that, I still need to try that technique! I really can’t be bothered when it comes to work seen as I only sit in the office not seeing anyone haha but I still like to look presentable rather than a tired little ghost xx

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:13 pm

      Its so pretty isn’t it! Oh really? I never knew that! I’ve tried so many regular eyeliner pencils and I can just never find the perfect one so I’ll have to try a waterproof one next! Thank you for the tip lovely xx

      • June 25, 2017 / 4:46 pm

        That’s alright honey! I heard the tip from Thuy le she’s a makeup artist xx

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:14 pm

      I’m really starting to become more of a fan now too! I don’t know why I haven’t bought much from them before but I’m always looking in Superdrug now! Yes the nude shades are my favourite I think I need a couple more! x

  4. June 23, 2017 / 8:08 am

    What a beautiful look on you Ellie! You look so fresh faced and ready for the day.
    My favourite product is the Kiko Milano blush stick.

    Lubz || http://lubzsays.com

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:14 pm

      Aw thank you so much! I really need to try some products from Kiko! x

  5. June 23, 2017 / 8:16 pm

    You beaut!! Loved this post! I love the concealer and powder, and use them lots. Heard lots of good things about that foundation and primer. I’ve never owned a setting spray so might start with this revolution one! xx

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:15 pm

      Aw thank you, you cutie! Yes they’re so nice aren’t they, you should definitely try the foundation and primer if you can they’re so good! Once you enter the world of setting sprays you’ll be hooked, this one is definitely a good one to start with! xx

  6. June 24, 2017 / 9:38 am

    Aw you look lush – some lovely products there too hun! Xx

    • ellieedx
      June 25, 2017 / 1:16 pm

      Aw thank you lovely! xx

  7. June 25, 2017 / 6:57 am

    This finished look turned out really well! I need to try some more blushes 🙂


    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:43 pm

      Aw thank you lovely! I’ve only recently just into blush and bronzer properly and you can’t go wrong with those £1 Makeup Revolution ones! x

  8. larkandlily
    June 25, 2017 / 8:31 am

    Agree the collection concealer is fab! The L’Oréal matte foundation I couldn’t get a shade to match sadly

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:44 pm

      Isn’t it! I definitely thought the hype was a lie when I saw it was only like £3 so I was pleasantly surprised! Aw no that’s such a shame x

  9. Nailderella
    June 25, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    what a pretty look!! 😀 I need to try that L’oréal foundation!

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:45 pm

      Aw thank you! You definitely should it’s so nice if you want a matte look! I love it x

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:46 pm

      Aw thank you, let me know if you try anything and love them as much as me! x

  10. June 25, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    Love the finished look! And you’ve got me wanting to seriously shop! I mean I haven’t got room enough already for what I’ve got, but still always need more xx

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:46 pm

      Aw thank you lovely! Haha oops sorry! We can never have too much though right?! xx

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:47 pm

      Aw thank you Laura! Yes how pretty are they for £1?! Aw I absolutely love it but I have combination skin so I’m not sure! xx

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:48 pm

      Thank you so much! The L’Oréal foundation is just perfect isn’t it?! x

  11. June 27, 2017 / 7:59 am

    I love all these products! I’m a massive drugstore makeup user (I literally only own one high end product) and these are all of my faves!
    I must try those blushes! I can’t believe they’re only £1!

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:49 pm

      They’re so good aren’t they? I still can’t believe the blushes are only £1! x

  12. Amy Coles
    June 27, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    I love Rimmel lipsticks so much, they’re such great quality! I really need to try out the Infallible foundation, everyone seems to love it!!

    • ellieedx
      June 28, 2017 / 9:50 pm

      This was my first one so I definitely need more! You definitely do it’s so nice I’m in love! x

    • ellieedx
      July 6, 2017 / 12:12 pm

      I definitely recommend trying the foundation & primer as a duo! They’re so so good I love them xx

  13. cybercutie
    August 10, 2017 / 11:22 am

    what a beautiful look! Loved the lip colour <3

    • ellieedx
      August 16, 2017 / 5:28 pm

      Thank you lovely! X

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