Which Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Should You Go For?

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So after seeing Garnier’s new Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks all over Instagram, of course I gave in to the hype and picked up all 3 and then some back ups as well when they were on sale after trying the first one. After all, can you really have too many sheet masks and face masks? Probably not. Anyway I thought I would try each mask out and compare them in case any of you was wondering what the difference was and which one you think you might like the most!

The Blue One | Super-Hydrating Revitalising Mask

My first impressions when getting this mask in the right place on my face was that compared to other sheet masks, they fit so much better and are so much more comfortable to have on your face. I think this is due to them being thinner as they’re a tissue mask and not a regular sheet mask, they’re not heavy and don’t slide around which I usually find really annoying with other masks.

So some of the ingredients of this mask are pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serum which all sounds pretty good to me. The mask is supposed to intensely rehydrate the skin, reduce the look of fine lines and revive radiance and is best used on dehydrated skin. So what did it actually do for me?

The mask was packed with serum and had a slight tingling sensation while it was on my face but nothing uncomfortable. Once I’d had it on for 15 minutes I gently removed it and threw it away but kept the leftover serum to soak into my skin. It left my skin feeling quite tight which I wasn’t expecting and the serum soaked up pretty quickly leaving my skin looking glowy but not oily. The next day my skin looked nice and radiant and but still kind of tight. Nothing too extraordinary but I wasn’t expecting anything dramatic from these masks especially not after just one use. Overall it was nice and relaxing while I had it on and it did a nice job of hydrating my skin and making it look a little more radiant and glowy but I can’t say it lasted too long, but my skin definitely enjoyed it while it did.

Green | Super Hydrating Re Balancing Mask

Next up we have the green mask. The stand out ingredients in this mask are green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and hydrating glycerin and is best used on normal to combination skin. It claims to intensely hydrate, help mattify the skin, make pores appear less visible and help to clear skin with continued use too. So what did I find with this mask?

This time there was no tingling sensation, it was just really cold! Again it was really easy to apply and fits really well on my face. Once I had removed the mask, again there was serum left over but this time it soaked into my skin literally within a couple of minutes. It also worked pretty fast to leave my oily T-zone mattified which I was really presently surprised at and my skin felt super fresh but still tight like the blue mask. The next day I did notice that my oily t-zone was still less oily than usual and also my spots didn’t look as angry! Which is a big bonus. I think with continued use this one could really help with blemished and combination/oily skin!

Pink | Super Hydrating Soothing Mask

The pink mask is best used on dry and sensitive skin and the ingredients include chamomile extract, hyaluronic acid and hydrating active. This mask is supposed to intensely hydrate, comfort the skin and help it become softer. But what did this one help me with?

As like the other two masks, it was cooling, refreshing and relaxing to have on my skin. They’re all hydrating, but other than that I didn’t really notice much difference to my skin after using this one just once. With continued use this could be different and probably help to soften the skin. But I think this one is just really nice for relaxation! I have to say I used this one on a really hot night in the U.K. and it was so refreshing to have on my face. The packaging is definitely the prettiest of the three just because it’s pink but I don’t think this one is my favourite for my skin although I still do really like it.

So that’s my round up of the three Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks! After trying all three masks, I think the green one is definitely my favourite. I think it is the one best suited to my combination skin and especially when I have spots too! With continued use I think this one could really help clear my skin and keep it a little less oily. But all in all I think these are the comfiest sheet masks to have on your face and are so perfect for relaxation especially when you don’t have to worry about them slipping around and being annoying! I would recommend every one of them! I think having the one best suited to your skin type more often than the other two would definitely be the best option though.


What do you guys think? Have you tried any of these? Which ones your favourite?  Let me know!

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  1. June 28, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    The pink one sounds perfect for my skin, definitely need to try these out! I loved this, so helpful! xxx

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 4:57 pm

      They’re so nice you’ll love them! Aw thank you I’m glad! xxx

  2. June 28, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    Oh the blue one sounds amazing it’s a shame it was so tight! Might have to give the green one a try! I’ve not used any sheet masks before 🙂 xx

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 4:59 pm

      It was still nice though but yeah the green one was definitely my fave! Oo these are nicer than regular ones as they’re easier to put on and arrange on your face and they don’t slip around! I think you’ll like them 🙂 xx

  3. June 28, 2017 / 11:11 pm

    Great review! Really want to try the green one now!! Love using sheet masks 🙂 xx

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:00 pm

      Thank you! Yes the green one is definitely a favourite for me! I hope you love them! xx

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:01 pm

      Oh no that’s such a shame I looove these masks! Must be a certain ingredient they use but I’m not sure what it could be! xx

  4. June 29, 2017 / 10:39 am

    Amazing review, I love the originality of this post! So great to hear about all three in one post so that people are helped in picking the right one for them. They all sound so good to me! I might pick up the green one which I hadn’t actually heard of before so that’s great xx

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:02 pm

      Aw thank you so much I’m glad you enjoyed it and it helped you out! That’s just what I wanted 🙂 yes I love the green one! Xx

  5. Amy Coles
    June 29, 2017 / 11:10 am

    I love the blue one, but I definitely need to try the pink one as it sounds the best for my skin! X

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:03 pm

      You definitely should I think you’ll love it! X

  6. June 29, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    These all sound so lovely I’ve got the blue one waiting for me, I’ll have to use it later I can’t wait x x

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:03 pm

      Ooo yay I hope you love it as much as I love them! Xx

  7. June 29, 2017 / 8:10 pm

    I love them all! I’ve just picked up the green one to try 😍

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:04 pm

      The green one is my favourite! I hope you love it as much as me! xx

  8. shaunaclairesop
    July 1, 2017 / 9:10 am

    These all look great! I love how there’s a choice!

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:05 pm

      Me too, I wasn’t too bothered when the first one came out but then when they came out with the other two I couldn’t resist trying all three! x

  9. July 2, 2017 / 5:01 pm

    The green one sounds perfect for me!

    • ellieedx
      July 2, 2017 / 5:05 pm

      Ah I love the green one! You should definitely pick one up when you get the chance! x

  10. July 5, 2017 / 7:25 am

    I really want to try that soothing mask! Plus, the pink floral packaging is super cute.

    Rosy Disposition | Rosy Disposition

    • ellieedx
      July 6, 2017 / 12:13 pm

      Ah I love the packaging it’s so pretty isn’t it! They’re on offer atm for £1.99 at super drug I think!

  11. November 7, 2017 / 10:38 pm

    Loved this post, I love both the pink and blue one but haven’t tried the green one, I’ll have to give it a try after reading this! X

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