2018: My Year in Review

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So if you’ve been here before you may know that last year I slipped away a bit from the blogging scene on and off and I definitely missed it. To tell you the truth I didn’t mean to but I was completely stuck in a rut ever since I moved out of my parents and in with my boyfriend in Sheffield late 2017. I just never found the time to sit down and write posts and then when I did I ended up doing something else as I had 0 motivation whatsoever and no ideas spinning around in my head. A few would pop in every now and again but I just couldn’t get them out.

I hope this year I can throw myself straight back in as blogging makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is the bane of my life – literally guys what is going on with that app?! I would love to know why the creators have decided to just completely ruin the whole point of it and make it hard for everyone involved but hey ho – we won’t get into that… But yeah, I really want to enjoy blogging again and get creative as there really has been a part of me missing, not to mention the fact I’ve missed all of you lovely lot! So I thought what better way to get back into than by telling you what I did actually get up to last year and sharing a few snaps!

A photo of my cocker spaniel Monty with his front paws up against a wall looking at the camera as if he is smiling


The main things that happened for me personally was that me and Ryan moved into a new little flat. We actually moved in during The Beast From The East (a good throwback if you’re from the U.K.) we moved down the road from Ryan’s student flat when I had the day off work due to the snow! We’ve had our ups and downs with the flat since being here but honestly it’s so lovely to have our own space and a spare room so our family and friends can come and visit. Which pictured above is from one weekend when my mum and dad came over and we went for a lovely walk and my little dog Monty loved it, my fave photo of him from 2018 for sure, he looks so happy. Anyway, this year everything should become much easier once Ryan finishes uni and can get a job with regular hours and shifts and get his weekends back! Since being together he’s always worked weekends so after 4 and a half years it will be nice to start being able to spend them together.

Change number 2 is I changed jobs! Which I’m actually so glad about. The last place I worked just wasn’t right for me and the environment wasn’t the best either. My new place also has it’s ups and downs but all in all I’m much happier now than I was before. Who knows what the future holds in terms of my career but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but for now I’m happy enough.

A Photo of the Trevi Fountain, Rome.


Me and Ryan had a pretty good year travel-wise which makes me so happy as I just love to travel and see new places. We started off taking a trip to London in February as the year before I got us tickets to see Hamilton on the West End! The show was honestly amazing and I wish I could see it all over again. Whilst we were there we had some tasty bites to eat in China town along with a lovely little café we found near our hotel that was such a little gem (we had Mod Pizza and TGIs too, nom). We had a look around the Science museum and went to the Secret Comedy Club too which was a good laugh! We even saw David Walliams in the Lego Store! (Some shopping and general mooching about was done too of course – we walked pretty much everywhere!) All in all it was a fab little trip and we had great fun, I do love London.

Next stop was Corfu in the summer for 10 nights. We went with my mum and dad who I’d not been abroad with for about 7 years! We had a great laugh including watching a couple of England games as it was when we all thought football was coming home! It was such a great summer holiday, we spent most of the time on the beach and it was beautiful, although a little too windy at times! I can’t wait to go with them again this year plus my two brothers and their other-halves, hopefully to Croatia.

Last but not least we headed to Rome for our annual birthdays/anniversary city break in November. I usually do a blog post on this by now but I just never got round to it but I definitely will so I won’t give too much away now. What I do have to say is it has been one of my favourite short breaks ever! We went all out with trying to see lots of the culture and waste as little time as possible. My whole body was dead by the end of each day due to all of the walking but I loved everything from the Hotel to the food and all of the places we saw were just breath-taking! I would go back in a heartbeat and can’t recommend it enough to anyone whether you’re already thinking about visiting or not, in my opinion it is a must see.

A Photo of my boyfriends hand holding out a Hamilton programme at the theatre, London.


Other things I got up to include seeing Jason Manford live in my home town with Ryan and my parents which was absolutely hilarious. We also saw Arctic Monkeys with our close friend in Sheffield who have always been on my live music bucket list since I can remember. On the other hand it was the first year I didn’t go to a music festival as for the previous 4 years I’ve at least gone to one for the day, I did miss that but never mind ther things definitely made up for it. We saw so many great films in the cinema once again – Ready Player One, Black Panther, Infinity War, A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, Solo, The Crimes Of Grindlewold to name just a few.

A photo of the stage at an Arctic Monkeys concert

What to look forward to in 2019

  • First of all of course, me hopefully getting fully back into blogging and all things connected!
  • Music – we already have tickets to see The 1975 in a couple of weeks and George Ezra in March. I’ve seen both of them at festivals before but I can’t wait to see them again!
  • Comedy – Tickets for James Acaster are booked for the summer and Lee Mack, David Mitchell and Rob Brydon on the same evening in September.
  • Travel – I mentioned earlier about going to Croatia this summer which I hope will be amazing and we would like to jet off somewhere for our annual November city break again too. We haven’t decided on a place yet but I have a few ideas up my sleeve!

What were your favourite things about 2018? Any plans you’re looking forward to in 2019? Also if there’s anything you’d love to see on my blog or socials this year, please let me know!

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  1. January 4, 2019 / 1:58 pm

    I’m so pleased your back Ellie!! Loved reading what you’ve been up to last year! It sounds like you had such a great year, Monty is just gorgeous!! I’m glad you are feeling happier in your new job too. I can’t wait for all your amazing content to come in 2019, wishing you a wonderful year xx

    Amelia / http://rosetintedpics.co.uk

  2. January 5, 2019 / 9:57 pm

    So good to see you back Ellie, I always enjoyed reading your posts and supporting you so you must keep it up! Sounds like you had a very busy year! I know what you mean about getting into a routine when you move house. It’s surprising how much there is to do when you’re in your own home. I literally never stop! With my husband, child, two dogs and two bunnies I struggle to find time to keep up with blogging stuff but like you it makes me happy and is my passion. Looking forward to seeing your content through 2019! X

    Samantha | https://thebeautyspyglass.com

  3. January 5, 2019 / 11:34 pm

    Sounds like you had a great 2018! I loved all of the travel I did last year and I’m hoping to do more this year x

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