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Moonlight melts is a handmade soy wax melt company I came across on social media a while a go and I’ve always been super intrigued ever since. I’ve not tried too many different wax melt brands but I love how cute wax burners look burning away in the corner and they’re just super cosy this time of year and such a great alternative to a regular candle. You can switch up the scents without spending as much money along with taking up less space in your home too.

The autumn/winter months are my favourite time of year for candles, wax melts and all things cosy so I was super excited to be contacted by Moonlight Melts to try some of their new scents for the season. I was surprised at how many different scents they had to offer and how many I was sent to try! Also they’re super affordable so re-purchasing my favourites will be a dream.

I even surprised myself when trying some of the scents as I didn’t think they would all be to my particular taste and they turned out to be some of my favourites! I’ve always been more of a sweet scent kind of gal particularly with pumpkin spice, vanilla and salted caramel types, they’re practically all I aim for now a days.

The scents I received/my thoughts;

  • Black Magic – ‘Sandalwood, ylang ylang & patchouli on a background of baby powder and vanilla’ I really got the baby powder smell from this one but it was a nice subtle scent, kind of like the fresh towel kind of candles you can get?
  • Pumpkin & Marshmallow – This sounded right up my street – I mean pumpkin, marshmallow and vanilla too?! I really liked it at first but weirdly I kind of didn’t like it after it had burned for a couple of minutes? Not sure what happened there as I was so surprised. Kind of the only scent out of all of the ones I tried that I couldn’t get on with.
  • Frosted Candy Apple – ‘Sweet red apple and peach laced with creamy swirls of caramel’ Sounds amazing doesn’t it? I really could smell all of those in this one, it was so sweet and delightful. I definitely enjoyed it more as it got a little more subtle due to the pure sweetness of it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!
  • Autumn Woods – Autumn Woods I expected to be really woody smelling which is not my kind of thing at all but instead it is a gorgeous blend of cedarwood, patchouli, eucalyptus and rose – the blend of it all together kind of smells like sweet talcum powder with a hint of rose which just fills the room with a lovely sweet clean smell. One for when you want something a little more natural, still sweet but not too overpowering.
  • Dragon’s Belly – Now this was a game changer. With vanilla and caramel mentioned in the description I thought it was going to be just like the scents I usually go for but actually it was as little different. It smells like the nicest red and white sweets I used to have when I was younger and I loved it, complete throwback and I need more!
  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte- definitely my favourite out of all of them as it was just as you can imagine, sweet cinnamon-y and just delicious – it even looks pretty with its gold sparkles, I love everything about it.
  • Bite Me – Tangy orange, cherries and leafy greens sounded crazy to me but it actually smells like sherbert sweets but instead of lemon like sherbert orange instead? (is that an actual thing?) Quite a strong sugary scent which is a little different to what I usually go for but I did like it.
  • Loch Ness Monster – Described as ‘Single malt scotch whiskey and thistles with a sweet, spicy undertone. Scotland in a bottle.’ This didn’t sound like my kind of scent at all but I was actually really pleasantly surprised. It was quite a strong scent but the spicy-ness of it made a really nice change.

Moonlight Melts have a range of scents which vary depending on the time of year which I think is brilliant, at the same time though, if you have a favourite you better stock up while stocks last (hello pumpkin spiced latte!). When you buy the wax melts on the website you get 2,3 or 4 in each pack and each scent is a different colour with a few varying shapes and they look super cute! They range from £1.30 – £1.90 so super affordable and you can even buy gift boxes in different sizes ranging from £12.99 – £25.99 to include wax melts, a wax burner and tea lights all nicely gift wrapped which I think could make such a lovely gift.

The wax melts do fill your room with the scent and I would say you get 2 uses out of a wax melt with you really getting the scent out of them depending on how long you burn them for (I burn them for hours at a time so if you burn them for a little less time you could probably get more). With a pack of 4 this means you’re probably going to get at least 8 strong uses out of each wax melt pack and for £1.90 or less, I think that is such good value for money!

Do you have a wax burner/ what are your favourite scents? Why not visit their website here and treat yourself to some super cute, delicious smelling wax melts. I have my eye on Death By Chocolate Cake and Banana Nut Muffin!


*This post contains gifted items but all opinions remain my own. Read more about this here.



  1. January 19, 2019 / 11:35 pm

    I’ve never had any wax melts but I’m so intrigued by them, I think I need to invest! x

  2. January 31, 2019 / 9:17 am

    I’ve seen this brand on Social Media a fair bit recently. I love the sound of the scents but do you know if they’re non-toxix? You know me, ultra fussy about what I’m breathing! I tend to only burn beeswax tealights as they give off air cleaninng ions! Lovely post and photos. x

    Samantha |

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